Quiat Companies Family Legacy

Roberta & Gerald Quiat (seated); Standing: Daniel Quiat, Audrey Quiat Kentz, Leonard Quiat, Melinda Quiat, James Quiat; Not pictured: Ilana Quiat

The Quiat Companies is a family-owned business founded by Gerald M. (Gerry) Quiat. Gerry began investing in real estate and oil and gas assets in the late 1950s and early 1960s while a practicing transactional law attorney. In 1985 he retired from law after more than 40 years’ practice to focus solely on his passion for real estate and oil and gas investing. He formed Quiat and Garlett LP with his uncle, David W. Garlett, to manage the various investment enterprises they had formed together. Under their leadership, the investments grew substantially.

Over the years following Dave Garlett’s passing, Gerry continued to accumulate a variety of commercial real estate properties as well as mineral and working interests in oil and gas properties. He concentrated his real estate expertise and investments in commercial retail strip malls. Gerry partnered with many family members and friends over the years to build the portfolio of assets now managed by the Quiat Companies. Gerry’s legal expertise, keen intellect, work ethic, generosity, and sense of humor allowed him to become a trusted partner throughout his investing career.

Gerry’s daughter, Melinda, has been his professional protégé in commercial real estate and energy investing, asset managing, and deal structuring since 2000. Her progress through the company under Gerry’s mentorship resulted in her becoming the Chief Executive Officer for the Quiat Companies in 2010 where she is committed to continuing the family legacy in both real estate and oil & gas investing.

Gerry retired in February 2012, comfortable leaving the office operations in Melinda’s trusted hands to carry on the family legacy.  Like Gerry, Melinda is also committed to philanthropy and non-profit causes promoting community and social justice.