The Quiat Companies are proud to provide quality services to our clients and we are humbled by the praise we receive for a job well done.  We would like to extend our gratitude to our customers for your on-going support and trust in us.

Oil & Gas Lease Negotiations

“Michelle Smith did an outstanding job representing my siblings and myself…[The Quiat Companies is] a company and a person (Michelle) that you can trust…I would like to thank Michelle Smith for all of the help she provided in this lease agreement and [I] look forward to working wtih her in the future.”
– Michael Ferguson

“…listening to what Michelle had to say, how she presented, how she brought others in to talk with us, was extremely rewarding…[there is] comfort in knowing [The Quiat Companies] were there to help and completely answer any questions that we had…My recommendation would be to pattern all your interactions with clients as Michelle has done.”
– Cathy and Larry Rien

“I really appreciated Michelle coming out and educating our neighborhood about fracking and drilling.  It made this whole experience more understandable and pleasant.”
– Ronda Hott

“My sister and I were both very pleased with the terms you were able to secure for us. We would recommend your company to anyone else in need of advice regarding oil leases.”
– Dorinda Hauser

“Thank you for helping navigate through all the legal stuff and get the best deal we could get.”
– James Cruickshank